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Handmade Minion Figurines

This sculpture named "Minionka" was made out of recycled secondary material. Materials used: CO2 tank parts of cars parts of various types of machinery and equipment. All materials were cleaned by sanding. Subsequent priming with the paint …
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PDF Guide: 18 Homemade Glue Recipes

Creative upcycling frequently requires glue. Instead of spending a lot of money, look to your pantry instead! You can make a variety of non-toxic and copycat recipes for pennies on the dollar! This guide will teach …

Paper Mache Jack O' Lantern

This tutorial by Borei Design will show you how to make a Jack O' Lantern out of Paper Mache. Recently I took a beach ball and covered it in paper mache strips, cardboard from an old …

How-To Remove Rust Using Electrolysis

This free 17-pages PDF guide will learn you the process of rust removal using the electrolysis method. This process is low-cost, very effective, and easy to build! Remove rust from: old tools auto parts vintage & antique …
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September Sewing Month Project Ideas!

In the United States, September is National Sewing Month, so let's have some fun with these Sewing Month Project Ideas! Dust off that old machine, add some oil, and let's get started with some Sewing Month Project ideas …

10 DIY Pumpkins Ideas for Halloween

Luxury Pumpkin Cannibal Pumpkin Punk-kin Geometric Pumpkin Chalkboard-painted pumpkins Angry Birds Pumpkins Zombie Pumpkins Moustache Pumpkins Dipped Pumpkins Pumpkins nail

Top 10 Recycled Book Art

So what happens to damaged and outdated books from library, thrift stores, schools and homes across the country? It’s such a waste for all these beauty to go right to the landfill, these awesome recycled …

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