Recycled Rubber

This category is dedicated to gives you some recycled & upcycled rubber ideas and inspirations, mainly from old tires and inner tubes.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Recyclable Materials Good for Home Decoration

By Neokentin

Reduce, reuse, and recycle, the three most important words that will help our nature significantly. The Earth is experiencing global warming because of the pollution and at the same time, […]

Curlywurly Inner Tube Accessories: The New Vegan Leather

By Laura_Zabo

The new ZABO curlywurly accessory collection is made entirely out of upcycled bicycle inner tubes.

Corkboard Alternative Using Old Car Tires!

By Neokentin

Have You ever come up with a project, but You forgot to perform it? Maybe – just like we – You need a pinboard, where You can fix Your ideas!

Easy Tire Poufs

By Angie38200

Make some of these easy Tire Poufs and upcycle tires into comfortable, fun, and practical patio seating or party decor! Tire Poufs – who knew that worn tires could be […]

Upcycled Provocative Blended Doll Art

By Neokentin

When I walk into my workshop, I’m immediately inspired. The different materials I’ve collected take on new shapes, and the adventure begins. Whole and half dolls become Upcycled Blended Doll […]

Graphic Lines Inner Tube Lamp Shades

By WownID

Is it rubber or leather? Recycled inner tubes, cut and wrapped around: you must see the effect!

Cup Coasters – Not Only on Valentine’s Day

By Neokentin

For the love of upcycling… Simple (but original) cup coasters made out of rubber from recycled tires, colored glue and an empty box of chocolates.

Lampshades of Recycled Rubber

By Neokentin

Seeing a picture in a design magazine of man creating a lampshade with thin ropes of leather, my imagination was triggered. I love to use rubber, and with a pile […]

Trash-fashions from Recycled Rubber

By trash-fashions

Working with trash creating one of a kind outrageous pieces of sculptures for the body… dare to wear!! I collect rubber and recycle it by constructing original pieces of wearable […]

Upcycled Bike Tires Into Dream Catchers

By North Yorkshire's Craft Guru

Ole tires make fabulous bases for giant dream catchers.

Win a Felvarrom Recycled Innertube Wallet & Belt

By Neokentin

Felvarrom collects worn out bicycle parts from local shops in Budapest and upcycle them into eco-products. In their website, you can find a wide range of accessories made from recycled bike […]

Upcycled Furniture From Old Tires, Oil Drums & Bike Parts

By Neokentin

Furniture made out of used and discarded tires, oil drums, and bicycle parts: We recently came across an incident where we saw tires being burnt and when inquired the owner […]

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