#recycled rings

Repurposed Leather Purse Ring

By Neokentin

Every January I get a kick out of ridding myself of stuff that I finally admit I don’t need anymore. So I cut out a scrap from an old green […]

Lamp From An Old Phone Ring With Edison Bulb

By Antoni

Eco lamp made ​​from parts found in the scrap. Lights up very nicely and has an unconventional look. All Upcycled parts.

Cafetito: Jewelry Made Of Upcycled Nespresso Coffee Capsules

By Neokentin

Craft and fun jewelry – made by upcycling philosophy. Leather-based earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings with changeable Nespresso coffee capsule accessories. I made almost every part of these jewels by […]

Recycled Metal Jewelry

By Neodim

My name is Barbara Di Renzo. I’m an artist from Cambridge, ON, Canada and I create both artwork and jewelry from/incorporating recycled metal. These are photos of some jewelry pieces […]

Handmade Jewels Made with Recycled Materials

By Neokentin

I like to create jewels (rings and earrings) with recycled materials and resin. Materials that I use are very different: Coins, Gears, stones, caps of bottles, cork, bullets, vintage jewels, […]

Recycled Plastic Into Key Rings


Key rings made of micro-plastics from beach cleanups.

Diy: Making Ring and Clip from Discarded Pencils

By Neokentin

A DIY tutorial to show you how to make a ring and a clip from discarded color pencils!

Death by Spoon

By Neokentin

Table spoons upcycled into skull jewellery.

Eco-friendly Moss & Grass Jewelry

By Neokentin

I must admit that I was not aware that it was possible to add moss and/or grass as enhancements to handmade jewelry. We found at Etsy these jewelry made by Mr. […]

Nespresso Capsules Ring

By Neokentin

Ring realized from worn capsules Nespresso as well as from diverse recycled elements. Karteko is a workshop(studio) of ecological Design. I realize furniture and objects with salvaged materials there for […]

Castaways: Vintage Glass Necklaces

By Neokentin

These really creative and pretty necklaces are made with love and a few other things. Find a small vintage glass bottle and clean & soak if needed. Next add a chain […]

Spooned: Upcycled Cutlery Into Jewelry

By Neokentin

Spooned is an Upcycling-Creation by NiArt for COUP. It’s made out of silver cutlery!

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