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Recycled Jewelry by Ckoasa

By Ckoasa Ckoasa

Our latest collection of jewelry is oriented on artistic recycling. This is a relatively new form of contemporary art, using recycled materials or objects in our creations rather than raw […]

Upcycling Used Bike Innertubes Into Jewellery

By Neokentin

Used bicycle innertubes can be upcycled into functional items like jewellery, wallets, wristlets, key hides, chair and stool weavings, etcetera, and are also incorporated into visual arts. I chose to make jewellery from the innertubes I rescued from a curbside bin destined for a landfill. I was on a coffee run one evening, on garbage night, and saw a bunch of snakey-looking things dropping from a trash bin. Curious, I stopped and found it was a half dozen blown bicycle inner tubes. All kinds of creative ideas flashed through my mind in seconds. I just had to have those innertubes, so I took all of them. Though I create many one-of-a-kind pieces from salvaged discards, my love of working with these snakey, rubbery loops evolved from this serendipitous ‘find’.

Upcycled Wooden Toys Into Necklaces

By kivit

I used the wooden child rattle of my sun and with a piece cord – I used red one – I did this piece of jewelry, it looks almost like […]

Jewelry Made From Old Recipe Books

By Upcycled Design Lab

Have you ever tried paper quilling?  I am not an expert, but it was a fun technique to try.  The concept is simple but in the right hands the results […]

Necklace Out of a Bicycle Inner Tube & Soda Can Tabs

By bijouxfaitalamain13 (Isabel Naomi)

We are Isabel and Naomi. We like to use products that can be thrown away and turn these products into jewelry or decorations for your house. Here we used the […]

Upcycled Chopstick Into Necklace

By Parafernalia Blog

This amazing necklace is made with chopsticks and the tutorial it’s very easy. A perfect way to recycled all the wood chopsticks that come with your takeaway food. Don’t throw […]

Upcycled Magazine Paper Jewelry

By Neokentin

I use colourful magazine pages to make beads and then transform them into beautiful upcycled jewelry.

Teaspoon To Necklace

By Neokentin

Making jewelry from the old silver spoons ain’t nothing new. But you can use regular stainless teaspoons too. With simple cuts, engravings, and little heat treatment, you can produce great […]

Scraps Of Fabric Into Tribal Necklaces

By Paczula

I made these necklaces out of scraps of fabric. The green one is made from vintage woven fabric, twisted into thick ropes and then stitched together to create this multi […]

Reciclando Un Bikini (Pulsera Y Collar) / Necklace & Bracelet From Upcycled Bikini

By Febrero es así

Review and summer clothes recycling is something that a lot of people do these days. I started it and decided to convert an old bikini, and I would not put […]

Having a Toy Clear Out? Cast Concrete in Play-doh!

By Neokentin

Are you clearing out your toy cupboards? If your little ones are no longer playing with the old Play-Doh, then use it for trying out casting ideas before you buy […]

Upcycled Pencils Into Jewelry

By Neokentin

Have some not so great coloring pencils from last school year? Turn them into stylish jewelry. It’s surprisingly easy!

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