Recycled Packaging

In our society of “buy it, use it, trash it”, we are invaded by packagings. In fact, there is a packaging for everything, and you pay it! So, instead of throwing them away, reuse them into something useful, find more than a hundred of ideas to reuse your old packagings in this category.

Amazing Giant Robot Out Of Empty Cosmetic Boxes

By cyberigs

It’s hard to bin something so beautiful, but inevitably this is where most end up! So when my partner who worked in the industry came home with a few, I puzzled over this problem, determined to find them the afterlife they deserve.

Sweetheart Dolls From Heart-shaped Lids

By Neokentin

Show some love using a heart-shaped box lid. An easy peasy project using a box lid and necklace beads.

Diy Video Tutorial: Altoids Robot Army Can Be Yours!

By gille monte ruici

Here’s how to assemble a small Altoids Robot from a breath mint tin. You don’t need expensive tools or have an engineering degree to build this project! Let the Altoids Robot Army RISE […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Upcycled Snack Bag Ornaments

By Upcycled Design Lab

One of my favorite “things” (read trash) to “save” (read hoard) :) is the foil wrappers from snack bags, candy bars, breakfast bars etc… I guess it’s because they are shiny and I like shiny things.

Handmade Upcycled Tobacco Packaging Handbags

By SmokyPlexus

I collect tobacco bags and upcycle them into Tobacco Packaging Handbags. Every bag is unique and made from 40 to 60 tobacco bags. If you know people who use tobacco […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Marbled Disinfecting Wipes Bottle

By abbieboudreau

I love my Clorox disinfectant wipes — But I do NOT love that bright yellow canister taking up valuable real estate on my countertops! This 5-minute DIY will give your Clorox canister a much-needed makeover!

Moon Dancer Recycled Packaging Collage

By Chinaberries_Studio

Moon dancer is a fanciful figure dancing in the sky before a blood moon with giant ginkgo leaf fans.

Upcycled Dvd Case Vertical Garden Great for Indoors or Outdoors

By Michelle Leslie

Do you have old DVD cases that are missing their inside bits? Don’t throw them away, turn them into a vertical garden instead.

Diy Video Tutorial: Candle Making Techniques

By HeatherStiletto

Check out this DIY Video Tutorial on Candle Making Techniques from our friends at Upcycling/recycling can be incorporated, even though you may be purchasing new raw materials. You can create […]

Fruit Box Becomes Decorative Toilet Paper Storage

By Poubelle

In our homes, it’s always very important to have an ample supply of toilet paper. My solution was to upcycle an empty fruit box that I found in front of […]

Cardboard Mosaic Containers Are Amazing!

By Neokentin

I’ve made those boxes from recycled cardboard. They are decorated with small pieces of cardboard and then covered with napkins. I really like the feeling of mosaic. The urn is made with the same technique. It’s creative, cheap and fun to make.

Upcycled Rubbish Bears

By Wheels

I started making these Upcycled Rubbish Bears out of old coats from charity shops because I could not afford the fabric. I loved the idea of making little bears, but wanted to do […]

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