Recycled Packaging

In our society of “buy it, use it, trash it”, we are invaded by packagings. In fact, there is a packaging for everything, and you pay it! So, instead of throwing them away, reuse them into something useful, find more than a hundred of ideas to reuse your old packagings in this category.

The New Collection

DIY: Desk Organizer Caddy

Amazing Giant Robot Out Of Empty Cosmetic Boxes

Sweetheart Dolls From Heart-shaped Lids

Diy Video Tutorial: Altoids Robot Army Can Be Yours!

Diy Video Tutorial: Upcycled Snack Bag Ornaments

Handmade Upcycled Tobacco Packaging Handbags

Diy Video Tutorial: Marbled Disinfecting Wipes Bottle

Moon Dancer Recycled Packaging Collage

Upcycled Dvd Case Vertical Garden Great for Indoors or Outdoors

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