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This is the category for all the fans of the mechanic; regardless it’s rolling, floating or flying. Truck parts, car parts, caravans, trains or wagons, aircraft parts, boat parts, everything, could be recycled or upcycled into something new!

Man Cave Aviator Side Table Upcycles Airplane Parts

By Creatingzen

This aircraft engine cowl has been reborn as a way cool side table for your man cave. Polished aluminum reclaimed wood and plexiglass combine to give the illusion of motion.

storage for your flight gear or magazines in the bottom.

Outrageous Streettrendz Upcycled Metal Art Pieces

By Neokentin

I acquired an associates degree in automotive and had been working As a dealership technician for over a decade; I’ve always been a huge art person, drawing and making things since I was a kid. Self taught welder, I combined my love for art and cars into a unique style of sculpture.

1968 Citroen Hy Van Transformed Into Guest Bedroom Cabin

By Neokentin

The Citroen HY Van is one the symbol of France since 1968, it’s a mythic van that you can still cross on the little roads of France, thanks to its […]

Recyclart Ios Iphone/Ipad App Is Available

By Neokentin

Since several, our Android App is available for free on the Google Play Store. But, you were a lot to ask for an iOS version of our app and we […]

10 of the Most Originals Bbq for Upcycled Car Lovers

By Neokentin

Summer is coming, and maybe you are in the process of searching for a new BBQ to enjoy the long evening with your friends and family. If you are a […]

Upcycled Furniture From Old Tires, Oil Drums & Bike Parts

By Neokentin

Furniture made out of used and discarded tires, oil drums, and bicycle parts: We recently came across an incident where we saw tires being burnt and when inquired the owner […]

Coffee Table From an Upcycled Massey Ferguson Tractor

By Neokentin

This beautiful and more than original coffee table has been made by Smithers of Stamford. It is made by upcycling parts from an old Massey Ferguson Tractor and was upgraded […]

Mechanical Art

By Gianluca Ferrerini

Gianluca Ferrerini born in 1960 lives and works in San Remo. Artist’s delayed! Comes from the world of motorcycle racing, began to devote himself to the mechanics with artistic talent […]

Upcycled Garden Ideas: Scrap Metal Truck Tailgate Into Bench

By Neokentin

Upcycled old truck tailgate into garden bench.

Old Boat Repurposed Into Kids Playhouse

By Neokentin

This is an old boat that was in my yard. We pulled it out of the woods, then cut it in half and turned it into an awesome playhouse / swing […]

Repurposed Salvage Metal Spring Stool by Recycled Salvage Design

By Recycled Salvage Design

Large metal stools perfect for industrial style decor or the man cave, unique one of a kind furniture. Measurements are 20 inches tall x 16 inches wide weight being 180 […]

Upcycled Chevy Tailgate Outdoor Garden Bench

By Recycled Salvage Design

Handmade bench seating perfect for the man cave or garden. Made with recycled salvage and repurposed materials. Tthe back was taken from an old vintage Chevrolet truck. Dimensions: 51-in x […]

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