DownloadsPendant lamp made of old doilies or lace

Pendant lamp made of old doilies or lace

Pendant lamp made of old doilies or lace
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This tutorial by Isabelle McAllister from the blog will teach you how to build a beautiful pendant lamp made of old doilies or lace.

What you need:

  • Collection of old doilies, table runners, or tablecloths
  • Wallpaper glue or substitute Fabric stiffener liquid (permanent kind) String or twine
  • Large-size balloon
  • Pushpin or craft knife
  • Clean paintbrush
  • Hanging or swag lamp kit of your choice (many come with the ceiling hooks included)
  • LED bulb or fluorescent bulb – use an energy-saving bulb for safety! Scissors (if you need to trim larger lace pieces down)
  • Disposable paint tray (or use a shallow pan that you slide into a trash bag for easy cleanup)
  • Lots of newspaper to protect your work surface

Download our tutorial and start your own doilies/lace pendant lamp. This tutorial was inspired by the original post from Isabelle McAllister here: Diy: Doily Pendant Lamp with Lace.

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