Recycled Furniture

Furniture are more often reused than recycled or upcycled, but there are many ways to recycle or upcycle them by breaking down old furniture to find a new life as other products. In this category, you will find hundred of inspirations to reuse and even to recycle, upcycle or customize your old furniture or to make some new furniture from recycled materials.

Cabinets Made Out Of Recycled Jerry Can by Danish Fuel

By Neokentin

Some designers are very creative with raw materials such as Jerry Cans. We already showcased Gascases, a company which upcycle old Jerry Cans into travel cases, today we present you […]

Recycled Wood Design


We are a two friend startup, making our own business from recycled wood works, mostly from used wooden pallets. Help us grow, by visiting our FB page.

Cat House from an Old Speaker

By Neokentin

After finding an old pair of speakers, I decided to make this unique cat house. By adding carpet inside and out, and a scratching post and bobble ball up top, […]

Recycled Mirrors – Elementary Particles

By Neokentin

Mirrors have been made from pieces of steel garbage include bicycle, car parts or some industry machines or daily house tools. Style is done in Steampunk style and with not […]

Cubie: Made Out Of Old Army Ammunition Crates

By Transfodesign

With Cubie we give a completely new function to old discarded army ammunition crates. Not only we disarm them of their inglorious past, but we revamp these unloved objects into […]

The Rattan Lamp

By Ronja Lotte

To my own surprise, I bought a lampshade made of rattan on a flea market and painted it. I still maintain that I do not like the gold-brown color of […]

How To Reuse Old And Damaged Furniture


While organizing and arranging a warehouse or a garage sale, you will surely find forgotten furniture, with worn or missing parts. Before disposal, see some ideas to reuse them by […]

Oil Drums Upcycled Into Beautiful Furniture by The Urbanite Home

By Neokentin

We already showcased some cool furniture made from upcycled oil drums such as these chairs or these incredible “Dentelles & Bidons” furniture. With thousands of oil drums discarded everyday around […]

3 Mini Bar Ideas From An Old Tv


With the “onslaught” of new technology, old TVs end up in the trashcan… Even if you already have replaced yours, I am sure you can easy find one for a very […]

Side Tables Made From Reused Bottles And Wood By Tati Guimarães


Tati Guimarães is a Brazilian designer living in Barcelona from where she manages her design studio Ciclus. Founded in 2001, Ciclus expresses emotion through design and ideas are transformed with […]

Upcycled Snowboard Benches

By somSKohn

Natatxa Soms and Sophie Kohn from Basque country are the creators behind a range of quite original contemporary pieces of furniture that are not only sleek but produced with sustainability […]

Banc 3 Chaises De L’ombre à La Lumière / Bench From 3 Upcycled Chairs

By Neokentin

Banc réalisé avec trois chaises recyclées, peint de 3 couleurs différentes, noir, gris et blanc. Une jolie banquette déco pour une entrée, une chambre ou le salon.

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