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Skateboard Shoes by Kriss Lovett

By Neodim

Kris Lovett is taking old skateboards to recycle them into adorable shoes for colored ladies!

Recycling Cans at Home

By Neodim

What to do with old fair trade coffee cans or other canned anything? Brilliant ideas here!

What to Do with an Old Bath ?

By Neodim

The idea comes from Reddish design studio which recycles old baths in retro seats.

Styrofoam Robots

By Neodim

Giant beautiful sculptures made of styrofoam by Michael Salter. They are called Styrobots ! More pictures here

Cans Light

By Neodim

Once you have finished your favorite beverage, then now it’s possible to reuse it for lightning!

The Bike Mower !

By Neodim

Reuse a bike into the coolest mower on earth! :)

The Box Doodle Project

By Neodim

Why don’t you customize your own and propose it to  Box doodle project ?

What to Do with Pet Bottles ?

By Neodim

Recycline shows us how to reuse all old PET Bottles. You can even by their products on the site. ++ Recycline (all in deutch but images are enough)

Olive Oil Seat by Rafinesse-tristesse

By Neodim

An original idea to re-use large cans of olive oil ! ++ Rafinesse & Tristesse

Recycled Wheelchairs

By Neodim

Very good idea from Lui Nan, from “Lycée Leonard de Vinci in Villefontaine”. Working on reusing mostly bike parts to make wheelchairs for people in developing countries.

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