Recycled Packaging

In our society of “buy it, use it, trash it”, we are invaded by packagings. In fact, there is a packaging for everything, and you pay it! So, instead of throwing them away, reuse them into something useful, find more than a hundred of ideas to reuse your old packagings in this category.

Red Bull Can Art

By Neodim

++ More creations

Petit Gervais Lamp

By Neodim

++ via Craftster

Caps Board by Rick Ladd

By Neodim

Rick Ladd upcycles bottle caps into some pretty amazing things, including furniture!

Recycling Cans at Home

By Neodim

What to do with old fair trade coffee cans or other canned anything? Brilliant ideas here!

Styrofoam Robots

By Neodim

Giant beautiful sculptures made of styrofoam by Michael Salter. They are called Styrobots ! More pictures here

Cans Light

By Neodim

Once you have finished your favorite beverage, then now it’s possible to reuse it for lightning!

What to Do with Pet Bottles ?

By Neodim

Recycline shows us how to reuse all old PET Bottles. You can even by their products on the site. ++ Recycline (all in deutch but images are enough)

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