Recycled Pallets

Recycled pallet is trendy and this is understandable, they are cheap (near free), versatile, robust and it’s a good raw material to make furniture & accessories, moreover it’s not too difficult to work with wooden pallets. Discover hundreds of ideas and projects made from recycled and repurposed wooden pallets!

Diy: Pallet Reading Nook

By Neodim

All the step-by-step instructions to make yourself this wonderful reading nook from repurposed wooden pallets are available at Kojotutorial.

Pallets Weathervanes

By Craft and Fun

Weathervanes made ​​recycled pallets. This weathervane is made from recycled pallets, screws, barbecue skewers, and plywood. On Craft and Fun you can see it work.

Pallet = Easy Bikerack

By Neodim

If you need more inspiration for a simple pallet bike rack, check-out these 14 ways of building a pallet bike rack @1001Pallets.

Pallet Rack for the Kitchen

By Neodim

Brilliant idea using a pallet !

Repurposed Pallets Into Bookshelves & Bikerack

By Neodim

One of the most practical ideas ever seen with a pallet! This time, the challenge was to combine bookshelves and bike racks.

Recycled Pallet Armchair

By Neokentin

I have designed another piece of furniture using pallet: an armchair! It is made using a single pallet and two Ikea cushions. I have designed a whole living room with […]

Recycle & Make Unique Christmas Trees


These are some easy, cheap and smart ideas from Styleitchic website, so you can make unique Christmas trees while recycling. Eco Christmas tree made from old boards or pallet wood […]

Houses From Discarded Pallets & Salvaged Materials

By Neodim

Ethan Hayes-Chute explores the ideas of self-sufficiency, self-preservation and self-exclusion as models for living. The majestuous treehouse was part of a French exhibition in Hyères (2010).

Pallet Candle Jar Decoration

By Neokentin

Divert(Hijack) the “feet” of a pallet in candle jar decoration! Undo a pallet, leak out with a flat drill (lock), insert a candle dish warmer and give free rein to […]

Room Divider From Pallet Wood

By Neodim

Pallet wood repurposed as room dividers. ++ My Friend Stacy

Pallet Coffee Table

By Neokentin

Another pallets creation, this coffee table is nicely done with a platform playing on two height and on the assembly of different woods. This creates effects of materials, colors and reliefs.

Pallet Shelves

By Neodim

Nice & simple pallet shelves!

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