We all remember those old LP records sitting around and this incredible and warm sound. Unfortunately, some old vinyl’s are not good anymore for listening and instead of throwing them away, you can repurpose them into a cool new accessories, light or what else is in your mind. Take a big breath and discover a hundred ways of recycling your old vinyls! Nostalgia, when you hold us.

Vinyl Records Art

By Neokentin

I’ve been thinking of what could be done from old and used vinyl records. I have manually designed and created these vinyl sculptures. Sokat gondolkodtam mit lehetne késziteni a régi […]

Vinyl Record Lamps

By Neokentin

Lamps made of old vinyl records.

Unique Hand-carved Upcycled Vinyl Record Art

By Neokentin

I create handmade Vinyl Record Art by hand-cutting designs out of vinyl records. I create each piece as a unique, one-of-a-kind upcycled art project.

Another Idea to Reuse Vinyls !

By Neokentin

Le paysage n’existe pas, c’est à nous de le créer.” (Henri Cueco). Sillonner le territoire pour faire émerger des traces, marques et signes. Le land art me semble être le […]

Vinyl Lp Sleeve Coffee Table

By Neokentin

This Vinyl LP sleeve coffee table is totally DIY-able for anyone with a bit of patience, classic album covers and some epoxy resin…who wants to try ?

Lp Record Side Table

By Neodim

Great reuse of vinyl records !

Recyclart January Contest!

By Neokentin

Send Us Your Idea and Try to Win a Krejci Shoulder Innertubes Bag! From January 06 to February 06, each idea sent to us will automatically participate to our contest! The […]

Upcycled Vinyl Cake Stand

By Neokentin

Three tier vinyl record cup cake or trinket stand. Used to display both cup cakes and jewellery. It’s made with a 44, 78 & 33 records and measures approximately 38cm […]

Handmade Recycled Vinyl Art

By Neokentin

My name is Tyler Garcia from Moscow, Idaho. I made handmade vinyl record art by hand-cutting designs out of vinyl records and making clocks out of them. My link to […]

Vinyl Record Lp Chandelier

By Neokentin

StarDust chandeliers are made of old records and their still amazing covers. The arms of the chandelier are cut out of the vinyl record LP’s. The construction elements are made […]

Vintage Vinyl Journals

By Neokentin

Vintage Vinyl Journals are eco-friendly handcrafted writing journals made from upcycled albums. Vintage Vinyl Journals has rescued the forgotten vinyl record and lovingly crafted a one-of-a-kind blank writing notebook for […]

Vinyls & Fruits

By Neokentin

It happens quite often that the object itself, once deprived of its original function, if it is observed from a different perspective, gives you the idea for its new use. […]

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