Recycling Paper & Books

Inspirations, ideas and projects around paper and books, ones of the most recyclable & versatile material.

Dress From Shredded Paper Trash

By Neokentin

I didn’t like the amount of paper waste in the office I used to work at. One day I emptied all the paper shredders and took it home.

Scrap Leather Into Notebook

By Waldemar Sha

A notebook made of peace of scrap leather and old school exercise book.

3d Stars out of Upcycled Sandwich Bags Paper

By Ronja Lotte

This is my favorite recycling project of the year! Make 3D stars out of paper sandwich bags in just two minutes. This is also a great holyday craft project for kids.

Boxes From Upcycled Newspapers

By Neokentin

Newspapers are rolled and made into boxes, painted and then varnished.

Upcycled Magazine Paper Jewelry

By Neokentin

I use colourful magazine pages to make beads and then transform them into beautiful upcycled jewelry.

Upcycled Toilet Paper Roll Into Holiday Christmas Wreath

By Upcycled Design Lab

I have seen a lot of these toilet paper tube wreaths on Pinterest and I wanted to make one of my own. It was pretty straightforward, but I did have […]

Easy Last Minute Christmas Décor Using Paper


Even at the last minute you can make a stunning Christmas decor using paper stars to decorate a Christmas table, that will impress your guests. You can make big star […]

Mary Made From Found Objects

By Neokentin

Mary, was made from scrap construction paper, cereal boxes, and pipe cleaners. She took about 15 hours to make and has a great smile.

Recycled Book Crafts – DIY Christmas Balls

By Craft and Fun

No other holidays have such a magical and joyous preparation period as Christmas and if you decide to make the decorations and ornaments yourself, then Christmas will be all the […]

Tiny Space Upcycled Book Christmas Tree

By Upcycled Design Lab

I made this Christmas Tree from on old books, some shiny colorful gum wrappers and some match boxes. It is perfect for decorating small spaces and floods back up for […]

The Envelope Project By Kathleen Taylor

By Neokentin

The Envelope Project began with a recent estate sale find. I found a $3.00 basket brimming with vintage postage stamps and cancelled envelopes. The envelopes told touching stories of connection […]

Hang Loose Cell Book From Repurposed Beers Packaging

By Neokentin

The beer tasted and the packaging invited to be recycled. After drinking the beers, I keep the package in his hands and can in my thoughts already see the new […]

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