Recycled Sports Equipment

Ideas from recycled & upcycled old sports materials such as baseball gloves, hockey sticks, skateboards part, balls of all kind, golf clubs and many more. There is no limit to imagination, and almost every sports material could be repurposed into something different.

Repurposed Snowboard Into Bench

By Neodim

Get an old snowboard? Reuse it into an original bench.

Repurposed Baseball Balls Into An Original Wreath

By Neodim

Here is an alternative to Christmas wreath using old baseballs. You’ll also respect the red color!

Upcycled Skateboard Deck Art

By Neokentin

My career skateboarder has led me to develop my creativity from my adolescence, immersed in a world of graphics, illustrations and photos. My creations are a mix of my interests […]

Element Giant Piano Made out of Repurposed Skateboards Decks

By Neodim

“When I started to develop stand Element for main Russian street culture exhibition Faces&Laces I wanted not only to show ELEMENT brand philosophy, I wanted everyone to become a part of […]

Used Skateboard Deck Ceiling Fan Blades

By Neodim

  Really original way to reuse old decks ! Made on demand by Decorestored

360 Upcycling Wood & Skateboards

By Neokentin

The main subject is to convert and renovate objects into daily use. Everything started when i was working on a greek island (Sifnos) in 2011. I made my final decission in March […]

Recycled Golf Tee Art

By trashycrafter

I am not a golfer, well thats if you don’t count miniature golf. I found this bag of colorful vintage golf tee’s at the local thrift store. They were all […]

Skateboard Chair

By Neokentin

A chair I’ve made out of skateboard decks and trucks and some old cast iron.

Reused Skateboard Deck

By Neodim

The smartest solutions are usually the simplest.

Recycled Skateboard Sunglasses

By 2nd Shot

One of a kind Sunglasses made from recycled skateboards and bamboo.

Skateboard Frames

By Neokentin

I have been working on projects focused on Re-use. I started skateboarding when I was 12 and I always kept my old skateboards in my attic. My skateboard photography friends […]

Tennis Ball Puppet

By Mary Beth Trautwein

Tennis ball can make great muppet-like head!

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