Scrabble Christmas Ornaments

By Ronja Lotte

Today I made my first Christmas decoration and embellished a few datura branches. Usually, I plaster every centimeter of my flat with stars at Christmas time but this year I […]

Diy Upcycled Advent Calendar From Paper Bags

By Neokentin

Get into the Christmas spirit with this upcycled advent calendar, made from paper bags.

Advenski Vjencic / Advent Wreath

By Neokentin

Hi, this is my interpretation of Advent wreath. I had some flowers from an old bouquet and lot of pine cones. Funny story about cones is that I get them […]

10 Christmas Craft Projects Made Out Of Upcycled Toilet Paper Rolls

By Neodim

As the winter is closing up, the Christmas holiday is also coming faster than we thought. It is always a great feeling when we are making the preparation for Christmas […]

Paperbag Advent Calendar

By Neodim

If you’re looking for a neat idea for your advent calendar, here is one simple and beautiful! Use an old branch and pack your little gifts into brown paper bags!

Plastic Pet Dish Soap

By Neokentin

Handmade Dish Soap made from recycled plastic bottles.

Diy: Advent Calendar

By Neokentin

Unable to bring myself to buy those tasteless and full of paraffin chocolates calendars, I made the happiness of my children by making this calendar, inspired by DIY advent calendars. […]

Clothespins Advent Calendar

By Neodim

Beautiful idea for your homemade Christmas advent calendar with clothespins!

Advent Calendar From Recycled Toilet Paper Roll

By Neokentin

Simple and easy, but still creative! Just need 24 toilette paper rolls, magazines and sweets or small presents. I took some Kinder Surprise chocolates, Duplo chocolates, confetti and handwritten notes as […]

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