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Paper Mache Vase

By Neokentin

Handmade vase made from recycled paper.

Ambulance Playground in Malawi

By Neodim

Dutch designers Luc van Hoeckel and Pim van Baarsen transformed a parking space into a playground for disabled Children in Malawi. In cooperation with Sakaramenta, a social business in Malawi, […]

Sea Glass Art & Decoration

By Neokentin

I work with sea glass (pieces of glass polished by the ocean that you can find on many beaches). I make lamps, tables, murals, windows, and other stuff. Frames are […]

Lady Flower Marionette

By Neokentin

Lady Flower is a small marionette, big 15 cm (5,9 inch) only and another 15 cm (5,9 inch) more with simple controller, which is made from electrical cooper wire, hand […]

Gravity Passengers

By Neodim

Three gigantic swings, fabricated from used tires, wooden poles and a whole lot of metal bolts and cables, are suspended from Mmabatho Stadium’s outer frame. Facing each other, and dangling […]

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