2nd Chance: Bags From Upcycled Basketball Balls

By Neokentin

This is one of JF Production’s favorite UPCYCLE project. People are given lots of 2ND CHANCES but why not give our waste, junks & useless item a 2ND CHANCE too? […]


By Neokentin

ShopWreck Made this rack and storage out of a old bicycle rack (looks like a shopping cart in the wall) and found hooks of the shopping carts. The storage room […]

Handmade Origami Inspired Paper Mache Basket

By Neokentin

Handmade basket from paper mache.

Upcycled Basketball Ball

By Neokentin

Reuse an old basketball ball as a pencils holder !

Bicycle Basket Made from Paper

By Neokentin

Bicycle basket made from varnished newspapers and made through first spring rain. Anna Zadęcka (www.parkani.blox.pl) fot. Aleksandra Korszuń (7house.pl)

Diy: Hose Basket

By Neokentin

Got an old hose pierced lying around in your garage, you can make a basket with a hose and zip ties !

Rigo 23: Autonomous Intergalactic Space Program

By Neokentin

Initiated by San Francisco-based artist Rigo 23, Autonomous InterGalactic Space Program is an interdisciplinary collaboration with weavers, seamstresses, painters, carpenters, and cultural activists in Chiapas, Mexico.

Eqo-chique…look Fashionably Green by Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

By Neokentin

I am an Eco designer from Nairobi, Kenya. In Fashion, Desirability is Sustainability. EQO-CHIQUE appeals to consumers who appreciate natural materials, classic designs & the sense of order and justice. […]

Collander Seating

By Neokentin

La Ecléctica would like to present you our new spring collection of indoor/outdoor seating made of 100% recycled materials. The floor cushions are made of recycled basket sieve/colander which has […]

Cable Basket

By Neokentin

Basket made from upcycled cables.

Basket Chair

By Neokentin

Chair made of an old basket !

Diy: Newspaper Baskets

By Al Ha veDa

Canadian Living magazine shows us how to make baskets from recycled newspapers, with cute results.

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