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Paper for Paper

By Neokentin

We throw away paper. Too much paper! In order to show how useless can be transformed in useful, I designed “Paper”. It’s a paper basket, made out of paper. And […]


By Neodim

The piece above, “Carapace”, was originally made by Mr. Jungen at Frac des Pays de la Loire, in France, out of French plastic garbage bins. Photo: Mathieu Génon, courtesy of […]

Cardboard Bins

By Neodim

Nice project : make cardboard bins and let them in the street to see passengers reaction ! Benedetto Bufalino iniatiated this project in Lyon, France 2008/ ++ Benedetto Bufalino

Cardboard Basket Bin

By Neodim

Funny bin made from cardboard, perfect for your office :)

Bin Bike

By Neodim

Mobile prototypes for hybrides between bikes and garbage bin. ++ Refunc

Re-used Traffic Signs Furniture

By Neodim

An original way of re-using traffic signs to make furniture like table, chair or a waste-paper receptacle ! ++ Boris Bally Designer

Bin Seats

By Neodim

++ via here

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