Sturdy Shopping Trolley Using Upcycled Plastic Container

By Yolaki

Reuse a plastic cube inside a reusable shopping bag. Put some plastic brackets to ensure the bag to the chart. The chart was painted in grey color as the bag pattern. It works!

Garden Bench From Repurposed Headboard & Blocks

By Neokentin

This is a simple idea: with a headboard, four blocks and a table you’ll have a bench: Two blocks on each side A headboard, placed inclined for more comfort. The […]

Diy Concrete Block Bedframe

By Neokentin

This is a great way to use cheap materials for high impact. Construction Tips from Improvised Life website. Use only enough blocks to place them exactly the footprint of the […]

Wooden Blocks Panels

By Neokentin

My name is Olga Oreshyna, and I would like to introduce myself as a Canadian emerging artist who is deeply passionate about woodworking. The source of my inspiration comes from […]

Diy: Giant Wooden Blocks

By Neodim

++ Here

Pallet Candle Jar Decoration

By Neokentin

Divert(Hijack) the “feet” of a pallet in candle jar decoration! Undo a pallet, leak out with a flat drill (lock), insert a candle dish warmer and give free rein to […]

Diy: Modern Planter From Upcycled Cinder Blocks

By Neodim

Here are several examples of what you could easily do on your patio! It’s made with cinder blocks stuck together with liquid nails. What about building a cinder block bench […]

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