Vintage Metal Roof Shingles

Made a pie safe from recycled fence boards, metal roof shingles and used the roof shingles as panels in the…

4 years ago

Wall Shelf Made With A Belt And An Old Ikea Shelving Board

All you need for this small shelf is an old leather belt and some wood. I used an old IKEA…

5 years ago

From an Old Tray to a New Shelf

For several weeks now the street flea market in my neighborhood is back in full swing. Apparently I'm not the…

5 years ago

Wooden Sign

This decorative detail for home interior is made from old wooden board. Board is cleaned and distressed, and painted in…

6 years ago

Surfboard Into Original Bar

Surfboards can do more than just float! Here is the best example of a perfect repurposed surfboard!

6 years ago

Diy: Framework With Corks

The only materials you'll need are: wine corks and glue.

7 years ago

Reused Skateboard Deck

The smartest solutions are usually the simplest.

8 years ago

Wall Mount Towel Rack

I needed a towel rack for my laundry room. I have been toting this vintage ironing board around for years,…

8 years ago

Wooden Boards Laptops

Laptops made from old wooden boards.

10 years ago