How to Transform an Old Electric Heater into an Industrial/Steampunk Table Lamp?

By HijackedDesign

It all began with a parabolic radiator with a beautiful brass dish found on a French flea market. Brass is the perfect “lampshade” to create a warm golden light. So […]

The Old Lady’s Hat

By HijackedDesign

On a Sunday morning, an old lady forgot her hat on a church candlestick. Let there be light!

Concerto Grosso Nuovo Sculpture On A Cello

By Sbrewer

“I love vintage 60-150-year-old beautifully designed parts and objects, especially musical instruments or ancient mechanical objects. The graphic design and engineering of the industrial to the science fiction eras inspire me.”

A concerto literally means, “little ensemble” in which musical material is passed between a small group of soloists and/or full symphony. The musical form was developed in the late seventh century. Nuovo (new) Concerto Grosso’s enjoyed a resurgence in the 20th century inspiring composers Stravinsky, Bloch, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Villa-Lobos, Phillip Glass and many others.

Solar Powered Trench Art Monoplane

By Randy Morris

This is my interpretation of a WWI Trench Art Monoplane made from a 50 caliber bullet. I built this monoplane from a discarded wine bottle, some old lamp parts & […]

Brass Pipe Light Bulb Planter

By raydream

Here’s a simple home DIY project apart from my other more complex stuff made from recycled materials where almost everybody can build from home, adds a little more industrial feel […]

Bullet Chain Necklace

By Neokentin

I saw-pierced Winchester .307 and .303 British (used) brass bullets vertically to make chain links for a necklace. Bullets supplied by my gunsmith father and necklaces modeled by my mother.

Steampunk Style Recycled Brass Bullets

By Neokentin

I belong to a victorian era club that combines vintage clothing with competition shooting with period correct firearms. While most of our shooters reload their own ammunition, after about 3 […]

Recycled Industrial Lighting by Back From The Dead

By Neokentin

Back From The Dead is based in the northeast of England. We create unique and unusual pieces from disgarded items. Each piece has a story and hopefully through the repurposing […]

Re-purposed Door Knob into Wine-stoppers

By Neokentin

Classic antique door knobs can be given new life as one-of-a-kind wine-stoppers. These make great conversation pieces, and gifts for your friends. Each knob has its own character, knick, bumps […]

Honk Fest

By Neokentin

Honk Fest is a water feature made from upcycled musical instruments, brass collectables and plumbing parts.

French Plumbing

By Neokentin

An upcycled/recycled standard lamp assembled from old copper pipes and joints, a french horn and a piece of a bath I found in Birmingham some time ago.

Bend Pipe Lamp

By Neokentin

Bend Pipe Lamp made from brass pipe, used welding regulator, used faucet pipe and stainless steel cup. Completed by swith on/off at the top faucet pipe. Regulator welder as the […]

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