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The Spiderz by Mister Zion

By Neokentin

The Spiderz are made of burnt out and recycled light bulb and wire. Spiders are born from Mister Zion’s desire to sublimate waste and revive them in another form. They […]


By Neokentin

Lamp made with an old amber-colored bulb. MATERIALS: old light bulb, hard disk, brass tube, wick. SIZE: cm. 8x 8 x h.13

Concrete Flowerpot Lamp

By Neokentin

Lamp made of old concrete flowerpot.

Recycled Light Bulb

By Neokentin

Open up an old bulb. You can color the outside with special varnish for bulbs. Put two holes in the thread and attach a ribbon on each side. Fill the […]

The White Lamp

By Neokentin

Assembly between an opaline globe for the base and 33 used bulbs for the lampshade. Available at Recupatine website !

Light Bulbs Upcycled Into Xmas Tree Ornaments

By Neokentin

You can craft spectacular Christmas ornaments if you keep your burnt out light bulbs!

Recycled Christmas Bulb Decorations

By Neokentin

Upcycle your old light bulbs into supra cute Christmas decorations!

Upcycled Light Bulb Chandelier

By Neokentin

This is a unique chandelier made from upcycled dead light bulbs and an old scratched record.

Bulb Lights Into Pendant Lamp

By Neokentin

Real simple and nice idea…putting a little lamp between reused light bulbs and by using recycled cables…

Diy: Light Bulb Vase

By Neokentin

Tim Park has created a modern looking bud vase with an old incandescent light bulb and 2 feet of 3/32-inch aluminum welding rod. This project requires a few simple tools, […]


By Neodim

Instead of completely designing a newly shaped lamp, ‘Relumine’ plays on the fact that we all have to switch from old light bulbs to new energy saving light sources. Each […]

Light Bulbs Sculptures

By Neokentin

Make glass sculptures by hot gluing old light bulbs together.

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