Up-cycled Tv Cable Into Jewelry

By Neokentin

Using TV cable I enjoy making jewelry into modern and ingenious pieces. Some I combine with vintage brooches or earrings and others I have made into link bracelets. I also […]

Store and Identify Cables

By Neokentin

To store and easily find the right wire, I had the idea to put them in a piece of toilet paper roll and mark over the use.

Black Phone Cable Upcycled Into Necklace

By Neokentin

Born in Italy in 1980, Stéphanie Lazzereschi (alias Smiler) is an upcycling designer. She’s president of Let’s Eco Party, an Italian environmental nonprofit organization. In 2010, she decided to combine […]

Recycled Headset Cable Into Earrings

By Craft and Fun

Earrings made by recycling a broken headset cable. Photo tutorial explains the step by step & how to do.

Cable Basket

By Neokentin

Basket made from upcycled cables.

Cable Tree…

By Neokentin

Tree made from cable and wood from the beach !

Diy: What to Do With Empty Cd/Dvd Spindles

By Neodim

Ok, you have to be a geek, but if you have lots of empty CD and DVD spindles, chances are you also have a bunch of disorganized cables in a […]

Cable Drawings

By Neodim

Cable Drawings by Maisie Maud Broadhead is a series of installations created with wire flex and cable fixings to incorporate the cable of a lamp into the decor of a […]

Rain Gutter Cables Management

By Neodim

Really clever idea for cables management and visual pollution  ! ++ Making of here

Diy Recycled Cable Spool

By Neodim

Have a stack of empty trays from a frozen dinner binge? Turn them into useful cable spools ! ++ Simple idea by Cyclotronx

Cable Spool Rocking Chair

By Neodim

This rocking chair seems very comfortable ! ++ Reel Rocker wooden rocking chair

Cable Spool Stool (An How to Do It Yourself)

By Neodim

++ It’s a mad mission

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