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Upcycled Bike Parts Into Industrial Clock

By UrbanVeggie

The bicycles may have been disassembled, but the wheels of time don’t stop. Christy Cole of Urban Veggie keeps them turning with repurposed bike components, including hubs, chain sets and […]

Custom Bike Chain Frame or Chalkboard

By UrbanVeggie

Repurposed upcycled frames that have been handcrafted into original art pieces for the home or office. Each message board is unique; no two look alike. The posted photos show a […]

Diy: Upcycled Heart Charms

By Neokentin

Valentine’s day is over, but who said you can not keep making heart-shaped jewelry? Besides it’s made with upcycled cereal boxes.

Wiscowood Minimalist Cycling Wallets

By WiscoWood

Unique, high quality minimalist wallet out of upcycled materials.

Wood & Bike Chain Earrings

By WiscoWood

Bicycle inspired chain ring and chain link earrings are made from urban and upcycled wood and bike parts. Light weight and elegant for the people who want to show off […]

Keys Necklace

By Neokentin

Discarded keys from a key copy place are the focus of this statement necklace.

Bullet Chain Necklace

By Neokentin

I saw-pierced Winchester .307 and .303 British (used) brass bullets vertically to make chain links for a necklace. Bullets supplied by my gunsmith father and necklaces modeled by my mother.

Castaways: Vintage Glass Necklaces

By Neokentin

These really creative and pretty necklaces are made with love and a few other things. Find a small vintage glass bottle and clean & soak if needed. Next add a chain […]

Recycled Bicycle Chains Dogs by Nirit Levav

By Neokentin

Nirit Levav is an Israeli artist that believes in using the resources around her to create art. HOW! WOW! is a collection of dogs that she made entirely out of […]

Gears Godzilla

By Neokentin

Made in Vietnam with bike chains, gears, nails, and general assorted hardware.

Bicycle Chandelier

By Neodim

Connect is a series of sculptures made of recycled bicycle parts of varying size and shape. This body of work draws inspiration from Victorian chandeliers, DIY and bike culture, and […]

Ball Chain Light Portrait

By Mary Beth Trautwein

Ball chain reused to create a portrait on a light projector. ++ Rediscover center Flickr

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