A Chair That Survived California’s Camp Fire Gets New Life With a Colorful Makeover

By Neokentin

In November 2018, my family and I escaped as a wildfire destroyed our entire town including our home. When we were finally let back into where the town was to […]

Grocery Store From Upcycled Packaging Boxes


I created a small grocery store from repurposed empty foods, products of goods boxes, attached with hot glue and clear tapes, its is divided into 15 parts to be install together which make it easy to ship/transport for display.

Beautiful Jewels Made From Upcycled Nespresso Caps

By Neokentin

We already several jewels made from upcycled Nespresso caps (here, here or here) but the jewels done by Kathleen Nowak Tucci are certainly the most beautiful one! Kathleen is a Gulf […]

Plastic Glasses & Bottles Flower Lamps

By Manlio

Flower lamps made with plastic bottles, plastic glasses, shoppers and led lights!

Colorful Pallet Coffee Table

By Neokentin

Pallet coffee table named “Tablet” with tea candle holder and decorative little stones. Also, there are wheels on the table.

Rainbow Trees From Up-cycled Plastics

By Neodim

As an artist and educator, much of my work is site-responsive. I like to with both the community from the area my job is based on and use recycled materials […]

Table Basse Assemblage Chromatique De Bois De Palettes / Colored Pallets Coffee Table

By Neokentin

Table basse de salon réalisée avec des bois de palettes colorés, patinés et brûlés. Un coffre de rangement est dissimulé dans le plateau de la table.

Zapatos De Colores Por El Mundo

By Neokentin

On the Colombian Caribbean, with colorful painted old shoes, the author Jordi Roca (Barcelona) aims to give value to the simple by reusing some useless shoes, giving a new life […]

Green Devil: Bag Made from Neckties and Jeans

By GreenDevil

What to do with old ties? Check out this messenger style bag made from jeans and neckties with necktie strap and closure.

Diy: Making Ring and Clip from Discarded Pencils

By Neokentin

A DIY tutorial to show you how to make a ring and a clip from discarded color pencils!

Blue Pallet Creations by Something Southernelle

By Something Southernelle

I used heavy duty blue pallets to make these ones of a kind pallet creations. I then brightened them up by first using brown and blue and some orange or […]

Green Devil: Bag Made from Neckties and Suit Jacket

By GreenDevil

Beautiful bag made from tweed jacket and colorful old ties. The strap is made from the legs of a pair of jeans.

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