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Envelopes From Old Book Covers

By nikolgarg

When you are a part of a society where you need to give something on every occasion, it should be wrapped in some artistic envelope and why not make it […]

Upcycled Chairs Get New Life With Snazzy Seat Covers

By Yolaki

Rescue those old chairs sitting for curb alerts and give them a budget-friendly facelift. Use fun and cheery material found at swap meets or flea markets to save more money […]

Handy Crafts Bag Made From Upcycled Sofa's Cover

By Neokentin

I made these bags using sofa’s cover because l wanted to recycle it and take care of my planet. It took me hours to complete it.

Slip Covers For Electronic Gadgets

By Neokentin

My latest project was conceived by my purchase from my local recycle centre of textile sample books. The textures, shapes, sizes & patterns immediately informed me (as always ) what to create .

Bookbinding With Recycled Bicycle Tube

By Abgefahren.me

For my calender 2015 I used a bicycle innertube for bookbinding. The instruction and results can be see here. The instruction is written in German but I show many photos. […]

Satellite Dishes Repurposed into Patio Cover

By Neokentin

Tom Cross, tattooist and artist based in Broomfield CO (Denver, USA), reused old and unused satellite dishes into shade and shelter for his Tattoo studio patio along with serving as […]

Diy: Umbrella to Backpack Cover

By Agy

Converted the material of an old umbrella into a backpack cover perfect for rainy days.

Display Cassette Cases

By Neokentin

On my market stall, I needed something to display small items but, of course, wanted to use something others normally throw away. At this time I was constructing a cassette […]

Bottle with Leather

By Neokentin

Bottle with a cover of leather!

Lp's Covers Table

By Neokentin

I melt old Lp’s into bowls but now am delighted to have given new life to the record covers by covering tables using decoupage technique. Lots and lots more ideas […]


By Neokentin

Handbag made of book cover and fabric decorated with tea bags.

Album Cover Origami

By Neokentin

Origami boxes up-cycled from salvaged record album covers.

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