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Unique Furniture Made From Recycled Rims

By mpproject

Hello, I’m Milena, I’m a young designer and I love recycling. I’m part of MP PROJECT from Poland. We revive old items to new lives. This is what we do […]

Customize A Side Table With Cloth & Plastic

By izanen

Do you have an antique table? Do you want a touch Rockabilly to your room? This week we get #Izanenar (#reciclar, #customize) a side table lounge with a wooden board. […]

Repurposed Bmx Rims Into Coffee Tables

By Neokentin

So I had a couple of things laying around the workshop I wanted to repurpose/recycle. I started with X8 old 10inch narrow rims and 1x old BMX rim. I got to work […]

Customisation De Commode (Chiffonnier)

By Neokentin

Ce dimanche c’était brocante, j’ai ramené pour la modeste somme de 2 euros cette commode. Quelques rayons de soleil plus tard, un ponçage, de la sous couche, peinture et changement […]

Tuning Vacuum Cleaner

By yonolotiraria

With ikea napkins and tail we will become an old vacuum cleaner in a one more modern

Radiator Bike

By Neodim

Radiator bike saw in Holland!

Deschênes Art

By Neokentin

Jimmy Deschênes is a multidisciplinary artist and cabinetmaker from Montreal, Canada. He works primarily from recycled materials. He has designed interiors, art and decorative items for over 20 years. Through […]

Classified Moto

By Neokentin

Up-cycled motorcycles parts into lamps !  

Cardboard Pcbox

By Neokentin

Old pc motherboard and components assembled in a cardboard box. No need of screws or something, just adapt it to your needs. Fully operational.

Custom Sculptures Made from Recycled Metal

By Neokentin

My elementary and middle school friend Tom Samui from Switzerland makes these custom sculptures out of recycled car and motorcycle parts. He’s looking to expand his customer base and he’s […]


By Neodim

These customized ultra-retro seaters are made from vintage refrigerators and salvaged car seats ! Beautiful work by Canadian designer Adrian Johnson ++ FridgeCouch

Overkill Chopper

By Neodim


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