Diy: Detergent Cup

By Ronja Lotte

Since I needed a detergent cup, I just made one myself and the reaction of my friends was rather … subdued. To be precise, I only got astonished looks until […]

Laundry Detergent Cars

By Neokentin

from left to right; Hot-rod, lorry and bus. The kids can decide for themselves if and how they want to personalise their vehicles.

Making Bookends from Recycled Detergent Bottles

By Neokentin

Reuse your old detergent bottles as bookends. Cut off the tops carefully with a sharp pen knife, and cover the sharp ends with duct tape. Cover with fabric.

Book Stand

By Neokentin

Book stand made out of large detergent bottle !


By Neokentin

Ready-made metallic HDPE containers. The classic bottles of detergent to the supermarket once ended their function is given a new life! After being completely cleaned up, the resin is poured […]

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