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Old TV Iphone Dock

By Neokentin

Old TV with digital picture frame, iPhone dock and amplifier.

Ipod Biscuit Box Amplifier

By Neokentin

An amplifier / iPod docking station fit into an old Chinese biscuit box !

Upcycled Iphone Stand / Dock

By Neokentin

The simplest ideas are often the best! Simply use your old tape cases, do nothing and put your iphone on it et Voila ! :) ++ Via Superforest website !

Nes Controller – Iphone Dock/Stand

By Neodim

Not so hard to do ! for the geek who sleeps in you !

Diy : Recycled Cd Iphone Stand/Dock

By Neodim

Seen at Geeky Gadgets ! All instructions to make it here !

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