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Doily Glass Jar Luminary

By Fancymomma

Not a fan of doilies? You might change your mind after this diy! And those glass jars in your pantry, don’t throw them just yet.

Death by Spoon

By Neokentin

Table spoons upcycled into skull jewellery.

Upcycled Clothing, Art and Hair Accessories

By Neokentin

I love working with reclaimed materials – especially fashion. Here are some examples of blouses, hair accessories, and found object art I’ve created recently. There is nothing more satisfying than […]

Vintage Crochet Doily Brooch

By Neokentin

I love using crochet doilies to make one of a kind pieces that are like a tiny artwork in themselves. All the beads are individually hand sewn onto the doily, […]

Crochet Doily Decorated Lampshades

By Neokentin

These vintage inspired lampshades in hues of pale rose, apricot and sunshine yellow are 100% recycled. The addition of crochet doilies to the lampshade landscape creates a beautiful texture and […]

Crochet Doily Bowls

By Neokentin

Who would have thought there could be so many uses for the humble doily? These bowls, using vintage crochet doilies, are made with an age old technique. I was inspired […]

Recycled Dreamcatchers

By Neokentin

All of the materials used for these dream catchers are second hand and upcycled. I found a bunch of wooden embroidery hoops in my local op shop and used ribbon, […]

Diy: Doily Pendant Lamp with Lace

By Neokentin

Beautiful lamp made of old doilies or lace. You just need a balloon, wallpaper glue and the fabric/doilies. Soak the doilies in the glue, past on top of the balloon, […]

Doily Artwork

By Neodim

NeSpoon (a polish artist)  goes to Oak Beach (Baltic sea) every summer holiday. This summer she tried to introduce “street art” to the beach. Traditionally, she uses her doilies as […]

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