Chip Medal

By Neokentin

This is a Chipmedal, to give away to a prerson that has helped you out with for example your computer. The tail is made of barrier tape.

Dutch Traintickets Recycled into Pencil Case

By Neokentin recycled old paper train tickets from the Netherlands into a handy pencil case! By connecting a couple of traintickets together with some left overs of plastic book wrappers, these […]

Sustainable Shoulder Bags Made from Left over Fabrics!

By Neokentin

These shoulder bags are made from left over fabrics and old curtain coupons. You can buy them on, webshop for sustainable and unique accessoires & gifts handmade in The […]

Vinyl Record Lp Chandelier

By Neokentin

StarDust chandeliers are made of old records and their still amazing covers. The arms of the chandelier are cut out of the vinyl record LP’s. The construction elements are made […]

Not Bound By Place Or Time

By Neokentin

Day’s Dream, Transformation of discarded (and found) rusty Dutch biscuit- and paint tins. (Sculpture, metal)

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