Diy: Quilling Easter Eggs with Recycled Paper

By Craft and Fun

Quilling is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled… The effect of the quilling flowers in an egg shape is really special. I […]

Egg Box into Jewelry Box

By ennovy

Egg box nicely transformed into jewelry box !

Wire Egg Cup Light

By Neokentin

I made this using multiple wire egg cups!

Easter Eggs and Nest

By Neokentin

This Easter nest has been created with wool and old newspapers. It’s easy and fast to make and allow you to reuse materials left over from other crafts.

Reused Plastic Egg Container for Chocolates

By Neokentin

Be aware of cleaning very well the egg container before placing food or chocolates inside. It could be a very original gift!

Eggcubism by Enno De Kroon

By Neodim

New exhibition of Enno de Koon works on “EggCubism” at the Rotterdam Library. ++ FlickR Gallery

Eggshell Light

By Neokentin

This lamp, whose appearance is covered by a lot of balls but the point is that these balls are in fact real eggshells ! This lamp was made by designer […]

Eggshell Sculpture: What Came First ?

By Neodim

“What came first ?“, the new personal project of Kyle Bean. ++ Kylebean

Mummenschanz Puppet

By Neokentin

A Mummenschanz inspired puppet is made from an egg carton. ++ More info. at Family Chic website !

Eggo Exhibition: House Built Out of Recycled Egg Cartons

By Neodim

The house was built out of recycled egg cartons and egg trays using the materials in a similar fashion to Lego. The first ‘Eggo‘ exhibition installation. Based on the painting […]

Eggshells as Wooden Box Decor

By Al Ha veDa

Eggshells are good for something besides compost. And some people just can’t stop making things. Take a look at this idea for using eggshells to create a distressed/raku effect on […]

Egg Cartons Objects

By Neodim

Anna Zaborski is making sculpture and lights with recycled egg cartons.

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