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Electrotrash Art

By Neokentin

All items are made ​​by recycling broken appliances, printers, DVD players, VHS players, PCs, mobile phones etc …

Binary Coffee Table

By Neokentin

Inspired by pallets of obsolete computers and electronics that were collecting dust in a local warehouse. The table structure is made from the metal from computer towers that are riveted […]

Solo Lamp: Upcycled Microphone Into Light

By Neodim

The SOLO is a re-mix of the classic microphone as light fixture. The mesh top emits a soft, disco-like glow. Hangover chair or table to create atmosphere, or above turntables […]

Blazer Pentium 1.0 By Gabriel Dishaw

By Neodim

This sculpture is part of a shoes series Gabriel Dishaw is currently working where he revisits some of  his favorite classic sneakers silhouettes. With this piece he tried to create a […]

Electronic Jewelry

By Al Ha veDa

Jewelry made with real electronic components (resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc.) ++ More originals electronics jewelry at digiBling’s Shop

Circuit Board Mail Holder

By Neodim

Made from old circuit boards, nuts and bolts. Idea from Tomtinc

Mice Art

By Neodim

Very nice “computer art” made by Nihat Ustundag. Many other things to see from him here

N+ew Light : E-waste Lamp

By Neokentin

N+EW “No More Electronic Waste” light. These lamps are produced by rotomolding, in a mix of low density plastic with crushed electronic waste plastic. This process shapes the diffuser molded […]

Electronic Sparebots

By Neokentin

They are not cute these little robots ? Made from capacitors, diodes, resistors, leds, bits of wire, solder & time ! ++ Sparebots by Lenny&Meriel

Audrey Robots

By Neokentin

These nice little robots are handmade by audrey, recycling junk and surplus components.

Electronics Robots

By Neodim

Ann Smith spends her days making little robotic like figurines from broken electronics and machine parts, the result is these lovely robots ! ++ Ann P. Smith’s Robots

Old Joystick Into Coat Rack

By Neodim

What to do with an old collector joystick sleeping in your toys cardboards? Make a one-of-a-kind coat rack ;)

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