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Vintage Film Reel Into Wine Rack

By Neodim

This listing is for a unique wine rack made from 2 vintage / antique metal 35mm movie film reels. The movie reels measure approximately 15″ in diameter. It will hold […]

Portraits Painted On Film Negatives By Nick Gentry

By Neokentin

We already showcased the work of British artist Nick Gentry through his series of portraits made with recycled floppy disks. This new series of portraits by Nick Gentry is made […]

Hanging Bookshelf Made from Recycled 35mm Film

By Neokentin

A couple of craftsman – Lucas Desimone and Matias Resich – from Buenos Aires are turning wood and discarded 35mm film into hanging book shelves that looks like a cool […]

1,152 35mm Film Slides Into Curtain

By Neokentin

These are window treatments like no other. Sustainable Stylish and Multifunctional. Upcycled Custom curtains made from vintage one of a kind 35mm film slides. Every slide is housed with a […]

Hollywood Reel Upcycled Lamp

By Neokentin

This vintage film canister has been repurposed into a lamp. The film canister is made by Eastman Kodak Co. and reads, “This Can Made by Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester N.Y. […]

35mm Film Usb Flashdrive

By Neodim

Film and digital photography finally unite! ++ Newfocus on ETSY

35mm Film Spool Lamp

By Neokentin

Le Lampiste makes lamps using things he finds around Montreal. This lamp was made using recycled dark room spools for 35mm film, springs as well as some kitchen stuff.

Film Canister Lamp

By Neokentin

Film canister pendant lamp by artist Shiva Mandell ! ++ More at reDiscover Center Flickr !

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