Iron Fish from Recycled Dishware

By gille monte ruici

Usually we say fish contains lots of omega 3 , these two contain a lot of iron !

Plastiquarium – Ragged-tailed Dragon Fish

By Neokentin

Fish sculpture made from post consumer recyclable plastics. Using everyday garage tools and lots of empty plastic (HDPE) liquid laundry product bottles. This piece was displayed as part of the […]

Bottle Cap Star Fish

By Neokentin

The idea for this starfish came from the bright and vibrant bottle tops of Newcastle Brown Ale!

Fish Made from Pet Bottles

By Neokentin

Fish made from P.E.T bottle (Polyethylene Terephthalate).

Black Fin

By Neokentin

Another bottle cap fish from ‘Black Fin’ uses a black, white and green colour combination, measures approx 4 feet long and will be on display at The Margate Harbour […]

Red Snapper

By Neokentin

This 3D fish is made from hundreds and hundreds of bottle tops. Inspired by a decade of living in Africa where ‘junk’ is recreated into fantastic art pieces, this one […]

Giant Recycled Trash Fish

By Neokentin

I found it by accident and I don’t know who, where, how and when it was done? If you have any information, please share with us in comments! However, it’s […]

Fish Out of Water

By Mary Beth Trautwein

Artist Carol Bodland uses fallen palm fronds and construction debris to create these whimsical creatures.

Recycled Flatware

By Neokentin

Hello, here are my new works realized from forks and spoons. The teeth of forks are sawed or twisted, and for spoons, I simply cut the handle and have it […]

Fishly Rainbow Garland

By Neokentin

Fish-shaped soy sauce cans, filled with colored ink.

Fishy Woman

By Neokentin

Is is a she of a he? A head from a plastic patient, used in health education. The head was pimped with lipstick and eyelashes, she has a lobster in […]

Recycle Your Attitude

By Neokentin

An art installation on Botafogo Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil shows three gigantic fishes made from discarded plastic bottles. The slogan on a sign beside the installation loosely translates […]

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