Disquettes Recyclées En Boîtes à Stylos / Floppy Disks Into Pencil Cases

By Neodim

Réalisation de boîtes à stylos avec de vieilles disquettes d’ordinateur recyclées. Le tutoriel est disponible sur mon site: Ateliers Crea.

Floppy Disks Became Wall Decorations

By Neokentin

I had lots of floppy disks that I was supposed to throw away. But before that, I wanted to try to do something new with them, it became wall decorations.

Play The World Artwork

By Neokentin

The installation uses the forms of the Tetris game. The used spray paint slowly removes the glue from the labels and therefore the labels from the disk. This lets the […]

Jewelry Made of Floppy Discs

By Helena Andreasson

I have made jewelry of the metal tray in floppy discs. I show you how to do it on my blog. Look for “diskettkonst”, it´s the word for “art of floppy […]

Play the World – Floppy Disks Art

By Neokentin

Play the world is a floppy disks installation by Dominik Jais, an artist from Germany who is into upcyling of old computer parts for a long time. Play the world is […]

Alternative Canvas from Electronics

By Neokentin

Boriani 2.0 tells a story: that of a family tradition, painting, reworked with different materials and techniques, and that of a second life of objects otherwise destined for landfill, a […]

Re-formatted/Format A: Floppy Disk Planter

By Neokentin

Vertical planter made from 3,5′ floppy disk ‘ and colored zip ties !

Upcycled Floppy Disk Purse

By Neodim

++ Fuck Yeah Upcycle

Floppy Disk Invaders

By Neokentin

Based on space invaders this is my creation made with discarded floppy discs!

Christmas Ball Made ​​with Recycled Floppy Disk

By Craft and Fun

Christmas ball made with the magnetic disk which is located inside of the floppy disk.

Geeky Floppy Disk Bags

By Neokentin

Geeky Floppy Disk bags are designed and created by Roxanne Gibson. Old floppy disks are arranged very creatively to create a balance on colors in the design. Even the strap […]

Floppy Disk Bracelet

By Craft and Fun

Bracelet made ​​with the pin of the floppy disk and the handles of the bags of paper.

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