Multitask Frames

By Neokentin

What at first might be a simple corkboard to place notes and papers, became after analyzing the needs, a restored antique frames wall that host various functions and provide solutions to different requirements in an office or daily home. As far as wood treatment is concerned, pickling acid was used to remove paint and wax, thus accentuating aging. Then, wax was applied with paint and varnish in […]

Cable Drawings

By Neodim

Cable Drawings by Maisie Maud Broadhead is a series of installations created with wire flex and cable fixings to incorporate the cable of a lamp into the decor of a […]

Bike Frame Fence

By Neodim

Seen here on flickR

Stamps Worldmap

By Neodim

After finding a collection of world stamps on Ebay for a fiver, Marc Alcock created a map of the world where each country is represented by its own native stamp.

Bike Frames as a Bike Rack

By Ripe Green Ideas

A nice idea if you have some unrideable bike frames, re-use them as bike rack ! ++ Bike frames as a bike rack by Appartment Therapy

Recycled Magazine Frames

By Ripe Green Ideas

A new way to put your old magazines to good use? Take the pages and rolt them to create creative colorful frames. Instructions provided. ++ Rolled Magazine Project

Photo Frame

By Neodim

Recycled wooden palette and aluminium cans to beautiful photo frame. ++ Atelier Arduini

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