Metal Sculpture Recycled Chess Pieces

By gille monte ruici

Don’t buy cheesy, cheap discount store chessmen. Instead, make your Recycled Chess Pieces. No special skills or techniques are required. The industrial artwork movement, as well as the steampunk art […]

Old Skateboard Becomes Retro Games Interface

By Neokentin

Basically, a friend of mine who is a sponsored skateboarder asked if I wanted his old board, apparently lost its “POP”, I put two and two together, needed something to use for my old school recycled iMac that contains 2000 vintage video game emulators, I also used a Wizard interface. Hooked it all up and walaaa….

Clip It: Educational, Creative and Sustainable Game, 90% Upcycled!

By Neokentin

Clip it is a creative assembly game, 90 % made out of plastic screw caps you already own. (soda, water, milk, juice…). We only provide the ‘key’ to assemble caps […]

Old Lightning Chess

By Neokentin

With litlle pieces of old lighting, we created the pieces of a chess game.

Xiang Qi (Ca Tuong) – Chinese Chess Set

By Neokentin

The figurines are made from different parts in steel, aluminium, brass, leather out-take, glass marbles… I used an old motor copper wire to sew the leather. The game board is […]

Can Stilts: For Your Childhood Memories

By Neodim

This scene totally speaks childhood memories to me. My dad made us kids tin can stilt and wooden stilts, and we had a pogo stick…all of which made for hours […]

Tetris Art

By Neodim

I am intrigued by irregularities in daily life. Not those that appear when something extraordinary occurs, but those that are created by an exaggerated form of regularity. Colours or patterns […]

Ball Made of Old T-shirt

By Neokentin

This ball has been sewn from an old T-shirt.

Diy: Giant Wooden Blocks

By Neodim

++ Here

Sponge Backgammon

By Neodim


Diy : Angrybirds Can Toss Game

By Neodim

Easy way to personalize a fun game ! you’ll sure make a big hit at your children(or husband) party! ++All steps to make it on Heidi’s blog

Cafe Kasha Made in Cardboardia

By Neokentin

Pack for children role-play game “Cafe Kasha”. “Made in Cardboardia”. Project from Personages of Cardboardia. We are open workshop in Moscow (Russia) and build forniture and decoration from cardboard. This […]

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