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I-division: Used Cd's Assemblage

By Neokentin

This is an artwork assembled of an old window frame found in the trash, wire and lots of used CD’s. I use recycled materials and found objects in my work […]

Nature-inspired Wall Sculpture from Paper Towel Rolls

By Neokentin

Ferns, palm fronds, and the green hues of summertime all inspired this wall sculpture, created from paper towel and toilet paper rolls.

Diy: Wine Bottles Hanging Herb Garden

By Neokentin

The first episode of HomeMade Modern shows how to make a hanging herb garden from wine bottles and copper tubing. The entire thing can be made for less than $30 […]

Hanging Planter Out Of Reused Jam Pots

By Neokentin

Reused glass jars turned into hanging planter for your indoor or terrace decoration.

Working at Play

By Neokentin

Woven of golf clubs and silk neckties, ornaments from same golfbag include markers, tees, pencils.

Hanging Wine Bottle Illuminations

By Neokentin

These beautifully handcrafted illuminations are made from donated wine bottles in Lambertville, Michigan USA and are designed for use indoors or outdoor. Please visit our Products page for currently available […]

Remade Jelly Mould Light

By Neokentin

I love collecting anything unusual and things that just catch my eye at a market stall or charity shop, and usually I find something that is no longer used for […]

Hanging Wine Bottle Candles

By Neokentin

Hanging wine bottle candles are made from recycled wine bottles and salvaged electrician’s copper.

Wood Hanger

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

An easy and zero cost DIY for making an outdoor or indoor hanger using natural wood from the beach and give a coastal touch to our space ! Step by […]

Landlord-compliant Wallpaper from Recycled Toy Bubble Capsules

By Neokentin

After learning that our landlord didn’t allow us to paint or hang pictures on our apartment walls, my sweetheart and I searched for an antidote to our boring white walls. […]

Orbits: Chandelier From Upcycled Oak Wine Barrels Metal Hoops

By Stil Novo Design

Our exclusive Orbits ceiling lamp, unique chandelier has been crafted by skillfully alternating and welding together several metal hoops recycled from discarded French oak wine barrels. The bands are made […]

Second Life Shirt

By Neokentin

Simple way to reuse an old T-Shirt in a 60’s spirit !

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