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Profile Nam

By Neokentin

MATERIALS: hanger, hard drive components DIMENSIONS: 33×24 cm

Ipod Hard Drive Turned Into Tiny Clock

By Neokentin

Recycling of hard drives into clocks is an upcycling- classic. Here a 30GB iPOD hard drive and a broken watch were used. I guess it’s the smallest hard drive clock […]

Recycled Computer Hard Drive Into Desk Clock

By Neokentin

Old computer hard drive recycled into a sleek stylish desk clock!

8-bit Nes Hard Drives

By Neodim

Are you an old-school gamer ? Then you’ll love all those 8-bit classics transformed in custom hard drives! Made by 8bit memory, and sold on his Etsy shop !

Hard Drive Clock

By Neodim

Real 3 1/2 inch computer hard drive converted into a desk clock with a quartz drive movement installed. The clock measures roughly 4″w x 6″h, and runs on 1 AA […]

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