Diy Video Tutorial: Upcycled Spoon Cup Hooks

By Dark_Horse_Woodworking

This is a mug holder made with pallet wood and spoons!

Coat Hook Made out of Upcycled Hotwheels Toy Cars

By Neokentin

Hang on! I know what you’re thinking, coat hooks aren’t exactly cool. Well, who says they can’t be? I decided to carry the spirit of my childhood into maturity by […]

Upcycled Bronze Lighting / Transformer Une Vieille Applique En Patère

By Kerouac

A very old fashion bronze lighting found a new life as a clothes hook. Get rid of the electric device and fixed wooden balls. Une applique en bronze vieillotte débarrassée […]

Recycled Skateboards Wall Hook

By Neokentin

These original wall hooks are made by Deckstool from recycled skateboard decks. Deckstool use the end of skateboard decks to made these wall hooks, other parts of the decks were […]

Easy Hook from a Coat Hanger

By Neokentin

An easy DIY hook for a balcony lamp made from a coat hanger…simple !

Re-used Book, Wood, Hook …

By paulherail

How could i s8 her ?… (Comment l’8 dire?…)

Diy: Upcycled Perfume Caps into Coat Hook

By Ohoh blog

Make an original coat hook recycling old perfume caps.

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