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Insects From Recycled Materials

By Neodim

I work with all kind of materials. If it’s used, it’s a material. This is from an exhibition this eastern. Those insect sculptures are made from recycled rosty nails, computer details, […]

The Savvy Shopper

By Neokentin

Part of what I do in my shop is making home decor items out of old, worn out or just unwanted furniture. Star burst mirrors out of table legs and […]

Kitchen Insect

By Neokentin

That’s what you can do with recovery of old kitchen pieces, the horned beast is done with an old water bottle, a colander and kitchen utensils !

Nespresso Caps Insects

By Neokentin

Waste is an untapped source of high-quality building material! By creating objects from our wastes my aim is to stimulate people’s imagination and encourage the eco-citizen within each of us […]

Insected Junk

By Neokentin

An exemple from a large colection of recicled electronic pieces.


By Neokentin

We “CG Recycled Art” a group workshop consisting of Cristina Pino and Gustavo Suasnábar. These pieces were made with everyday items: Knives, forks, spoons, trays.

Hybrid Toys

By Neodim

Sang Won Sung is a contemporary artist from Korea who collects parts of various plastic toys to create these bizarre looking hybrid animals. Most of his creations are constructed from everyday consumer items such as […]

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