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‘cascading Books’ Installations

By Neokentin

Artist Alicia Martin’s sculptural installation at Casa de America, Madrid depicts a cavalcade of books streaming out of the side of a building. The whirlwind of literature defies gravity and […]

Recycled Christmas Tree Installation (2013 Version)

By Neokentin

We already share with you last year a public art installation made with recycled christmas tree by Michael Neff. Michael put up over the weekend in Williamsburg a new version […]

The Move Overseas: Containers & Households Items Sculpture

By Neodim

Containers & household items exhibited at Beaufort04, Triennial of Contemporary Art by the sea, Zeebrugge (BE) 2012.

Paper Eggs

By Neokentin

The paper eggs are created using discarded magazines to give them a longer lasting new meaning.

Forest: Lungs of the World

By Neokentin

This floor installation was inspired by lung tissue and represents a miniature forest canopy emphasizing how trees are the lungs of the World.

Illegal Logging

By Neokentin

This installation of recycled paperback books was produced to emphasis the importance of protecting our ancient trees.

Foret Ii: Pallet Installation By Justin Duchesneau & Phil Allard

By Neodim

Forêt II is a cubic meditation place made of 800 recycled wooden pallets. With its four cardinal points oriented corners it represents the meeting and the connection of territories. The […]

Wood Logs Art

By Neokentin

Hungarian artist Varnai Gyula has used wood logs to create a nice piece of art.

Crates Avalanche in Versailles by Tadashi Kawamata

By Neodim

Installation by Tadashi Kawamata –  2008, Versailles, France

Illuminated Garbage Bags

By Neodim

For their latest intervention titled “Plastic Garbage Guarding the Museum,” Spanish performance collective Luzinterruptus created a large scale installation consisting of 5,000 colorful plastic bags filled with air, piled up […]

“side Effect” by Amir Lotan

By Neodim

Temporary installation by Amir Lotan, Landscape Architect. Location: Intersection of Ort Israel and Melacha Streets, Bat Yam Cost: 300,000 NIS (roughly 84,000 USD) Site size: 2,000 square meters Structure size: […]

Knit For Trees !

By Neokentin

According to “reuseit.com”, about 1 million plastic bags are used every minute worldwide… a staggering figure. What is then the best way to fight this ecological disaster and at the […]

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