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Mined – The Denim Revolution

By Neokentin

“I was Denim, now I am mineD” mineD creates new opportunities for existing denim products. A vital min(e)D: Our earth shouldn’t just be a place to live, we want vitality […]

Recycled Tire Case for Ipad, Ipad Mini & Iphone

By Neokentin

The inner tube of a tire is obviously very important to the operation of any car, truck, or van. It literally holds the air inside the tire. It is also […]

Passive Speakers

By Neokentin

If you need a convenient way of sharing your music without draining your battery, try passive speakers !

Iphone Skins Made From Product Boxes

By Neokentin

I currently have a project on kickstarter.com where I make iPhone skins using product boxes. Also, the manufacturing process does not require any electricity because all of the machines used […]

Old TV Iphone Dock

By Neokentin

Old TV with digital picture frame, iPhone dock and amplifier.

Trying to Esc

By Neokentin

Digital Salvage!

Upcycled Iphone Stand / Dock

By Neokentin

The simplest ideas are often the best! Simply use your old tape cases, do nothing and put your iphone on it et Voila ! :) ++ Via Superforest website !

Analog Tele-phonographer

By Neokentin

This device was made from a salvaged trumpet and assorted machine parts. The base is steel, the legs that hold everything up are stainless steel, and the cradle that holds […]

Retro Iphone Docking Station

By Neokentin

After the iRetroPhone, here is another selfmade iPhone IV dock based on the original Apple dock and a flea market telephone. Some glue, some tape and a Dremel hand held […]

Tie Phone Case

By Neodim

Keep your iPhone or Blackberry or similarly sized electronic device free from scratches in this unique case made from a vintage tie.


By Neodim

Hand-Sculpted iRetrofone Base By Artist Scott Freeland Fuses Art With Function. The iRetrofone Base is a fully-functional, stationary iPhone dock with working handset and complete compatibility with USB cable.

Diy : Charge Station from Packaging

By Neodim

Craft blog Zakka Life put together a simple tutorial for making a cradle that’s perfect for single, regularly-charged items—the kind of things you dump out of your pockets upon returning […]


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