Spare Tire Lamp

By Neokentin

Lamp made of a spare tire, a piece of pipe from an old swing, the frame of a bicycle and 2 bicycle steers. The lampshades are made of old posters […]

Revamped Makeup Station

By Neokentin

A Revamped old desk turned into a makeup station with accent wall pieces of rot iron and cheap fake roses total cost fourty dollars…

Coffee Table Made From An Old Iron Trestle

By Neokentin

old stuff – new design.

Drap Art Recycled

By Neokentin

Lamps made with different elements such as water thermos, irons, mixers or cameras.

Amazing Recycled Metal Arts

By Neokentin

We make the fantastic recycled metal art & design from scrap & recycled parts of motorcycle, auto parts, machine… We create our works in many size, small to large and […]

Poetic Scrapgirl

By Neokentin

Here is the fine work of a young scrap iron welder, working hardly in the south of France…

Iron String, Coffee Table Hot Couture

By Neokentin

All is recycled pieces found on a construction site dumpster.

Recycled Men

By Neokentin

The “Taitanosse” family…


By Neokentin

Recycled Iron sheets to give life to nature ! ++ More information at Metal Recyclart website !

Iron Fan

By Neokentin

The combination of an iron and a fan … production of cold where you don’t imagine it ! ++ More at the creative world of Elodie Flamant !

Iron Penguins Lamp

By Neodim

Head is made from tube paint sprayer used, the neck from a piece of the oil lamp and a brass water pipes, the body consists of a bottle of drinking […]

Lighting Made of Galvanized Iron

By Neokentin

Table lamp made of galvanized iron parts that make it different and artistic !

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