Old Faux Leather Jacket Into Bracelets

By Waldemar Sha

I’ve already made a few flasks out of the sleeves of this jacket, and now I decided to make a couple of bracelets out of those little belts. The red […]

Old Leather Jacket Into Cushion

By Neokentin

Old leather jacket recycled into a cushion.

Your Lifejacket Is… On Your Shoulder

By JeanMarc

A new collection is launched by MARRON ROUGE: PNC which means in French Personnel Naviguant Commercial (Commercial Sailing Personnel from airline companies). Two new bags in recycled lifejackets had been […]

Recycled Curtains into 2side Jacket

By Neokentin

This is one of many pieces from my collection of two-side jackets made of curtains from secondhand shops. This particular one is made of cotton. You fasten it with snaps […]

Metamorphosis of a Jacket

By Neokentin

This fashion accessory was an old jacket bought from a charity shop in London. I have unpicked all the parts of it, even the zipper, buttons, pockets and inside fabric, […]

Bags from Recycled Jackets

By Neodim

++ Here

When Sex Dolls Become Jackets…

By Neodim

Quite a funny idea yeah ;)

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