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Giant Beasts at the Rice Straw Art Festival

By Neodim

Kagawa Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture in Japan have the most famous “straw art festivals,” which are large straw sculpture displays. Every fall, rice is harvested, leaving behind straws. Traditionally, straw […]

Under the Water by Tadashi Kawamata

By Neodim

View of the exhibition “Under the Water”, Kamel Mennour, Paris, 2011 Tadashi Kawamata Under the Water, In situ installation, Elements of wood furniture Photo by Fabrice Seixas. Courtesy the artist and […]

Rubbish Fish Art: Yodogawa Technique

By Neodim

Artists Hideaki Shibata and Kazuya Matsunaga came together in 2003 as Yodogawa Technique to create works from the rubbish and miscellaneous objects found along Osaka’s Yodogawa River. Working with discarded […]

Upcycled Container Sculpture

By Neodim

Seen in Yokohama Harbor, Japan. ++ Here

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