Green Devil: Bag Made from Neckties and Jeans

By GreenDevil

What to do with old ties? Check out this messenger style bag made from jeans and neckties with necktie strap and closure.

Green Devil: Bag Made from Neckties and Suit Jacket

By GreenDevil

Beautiful bag made from tweed jacket and colorful old ties. The strap is made from the legs of a pair of jeans.

Old Jeans = New Beach Tote

By Neokentin

What a beautiful way to repurpose old jeans for the summer!

Infra – Upcycled Sandal Serena

By Neokentin

Our sandals are designed inside Artefizio lab. The handcrafted/traditional technique is revolutionized by the introduction of materials, which re-thought, gain new life. Bicycle tire, inner tubes, leather wastes, jeans, tissues […]

Nice, France (Nce) Airport “welcome Area”

By Neokentin

On a business trip last fall, I wandered through the welcome area of the Nice France (NCE) airport to find floor coverings made of the back pockets and labels of […]

From Jeans Label to Carpet

By Neokentin

Denim label was reused and assembled in a patch-style into an excellent and original carpet. These jeans labels are now back to live in an entirely new function with creativity! […]

Denim Patchwork Rug

By Neokentin

I made this patchwork rug from 6 pairs of jeans. Playing with different shades and gradients from navy and indigo to faded blue and gray, I achieved an illusion of […]

Snackbag from an Old Pair of Jeans

By Neodim

There are plenty of tutorials for this kind of (snack) bags everywhere on the net, but the one of “Between the lines” really gives a twist to the exercise that is finally […]

Jean Stone Jewelry

By Neokentin

Jeans are recycled into beads and inset into bezels. The jean fabric is processed to look like sodalite stone except its much lighter. Each jean bead takes two week to […]

Recycled Jeans Don’t Touch Dress and Notebook Bag

By Neokentin

The dress is made of old jeans in combination with a old tank top. The Notebook bag is made of the old jeans pockets.

Old Blue Jeans to New Backpack Purse

By jpario

I took some old blue jeans destined for the discard pile and cut strips to make a flexible purse-or-backpack that would be durable for traveling and didn’t cost a thing. […]

Get off Your Jean’s …

By Neokentin

“Davis messenger bag in Recycled bike tire and jeans label patchwork”. Outside : recycled jeans labels (brown and other colors) and recycled bike tire. Adjustable shoulder strap. Velcro flap. Inside […]

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