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Diy: Lego Lens Cap Holder

By Neokentin

For the photographers that read us, here’s a simple trick to not lose your lens cap when not attached to the front of the lens: using LEGO pieces! By attaching […]

Lens Pendant

By Agy

Made a pendant by repurposing a lens from an old pair of glasses.

Anomalous Pieces, Wearable Jewelry From Recycled Pieces

By Neokentin

Wearable art/jewellery from recycled parts. Each is unique, with its own story. Nice job! Computer Hard Drive Spindle Parts, Hematite Beads, Small Camera Lens, Thrust Bearing, Watch Glass, Steel Watch […]

Camera Lens Bracelet

By Neodim

There’s nothing worse that breaking something you love and having to throw it away. That’s why we love Craig Arnold’s vision of turning a broken camera lens into wearable and […]

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