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Imanes Hechos Con Recortes Bonitos / Magnets Made With Upcycled Paper Cuts

By Febrero es así

En ocasiones vemos imágenes en una revista, folleto o periódico que son como para enmarcar, ¡qué bonitas! En otras, podemos optar simplemente por convertirlas en imanes para la nevera ;) […]

Upcycled Speaker as Key Holder

By Neokentin

I used the magnets from old speakers to hold my keys. Removing the soft parts is recommended when painting later on. A simple but very good idea! :)

Diy: Rock Monster Magnets

By Neokentin

These colorful little monster magnets will brighten your kitchen appliances. Coast always has made an excellent DIY tutorial in 8 steps to show you how to make them yourself with all […]

Caps Recycled Art

By Neokentin

I found a lot of caps all around my kitchen … do you pay attention and how many things we have and throw it out ! With a lot of […]

Power Magnets

By Neokentin

We collect bottle caps and make strong magnets. Each magnet is unique. Right now we have four different themes: Einstein, Peace, Money and Skulls.

Metal Can Lid Magnet Art by Juni Moon

By Neokentin

I love exploring folk/tramp art with recycled materials. I collect all kinds of flat metal lids and decoupage them with vintage images. Larger ones make great magnets; smaller ones make […]

Bottle Caps Upcycled Into Magnets

By Neokentin

First we sprayed white color on the caps and afterwards we drew some faces on them. On the other side, we glued cardboards and magnets.

Recycled Interactive Art

By Mary Beth Trautwein

Paint swatches (chips) and magnets on a green steel door act as a recycled interactive art. ++ Rediscover center

Vintage Rings & Magnets From Upcycled Buttons

By Neodim

Old buttons repurposed into vintage rings and magnets. Nice ideao!

Diy: Upcycled Ping-pong Ball Magnet

By Neodim

I made magnetic ping pong ball eyes in order to make instant faces in the interesting metal objects around me. It’s a very simple (and weird) project, but it can […]

Speaker Fridge Magnet

By Neokentin

A simple and nice idea for all speakers lovers, and very easy to do ! ++ DIY Fridge magnet by Fibra

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